Friday, December 07, 2012

UIC's MCS Program Seeking Graduate Students

As I'd posted before, UIC has two departments interested in computer science.  We have a computer science department in the engineering school.  And the math department in the school of liberal arts and sciences, where I have an appointment, has a smaller program in "mathematical computer science" (MCS).

The MCS program is more focused on the mathematical aspects of computing and less on systems, databases, etc.  It is similar to the ACO programs at CMU and Georgia Tech.

We recently updated our website, where you can learn more about the program and the affiliated faculty.  More importantly, if you're a student looking to get a Ph.D. in a mathematical area of computing, consider applying to our program -- we're looking for strong applicants.

a screenshot of the new MCS website


  1. I am interested... can I email at your address with my details?

  2. Glad you are interested. You are welcome to email me any questions, but you should apply via our website: . All applications are evaluated by a committee.